ARB needs start and completion date in order to review an ARB application, must be completed within 90 days of approval or have to re-submit ARB to committee for another approval. 

  • Construction must be completed within a reasonable period or time, which will be determined at the time of approval, not to be longer than 6 months.
  • Aluminum screened in porches are preferred, but wood is acceptable.
  • All trims and siding must blend with existing architecture.
  • All additional roofs must blend in with existing architecture.
  • External antennas are prohibited.
  • Satellite dishes:
    • Only 1 meter (37.39″) or under dishes are allowed.
    • These must be camouflaged to satisfy ARB Committee.
    • ARB approval for dish, location and camouflage must be obtained before erection.
  • Swimming Pools:
    • Height not to exceed 4 feet above the ground.
    • Diameter not to exceed 18 feet.
    • Pool must be enclosed in 5ft. high fenced area with a security lock. Fence must be 1 ¾” chain link as per Palm Beach Zoning regulations. (Not the standard 1 ½” chain link.)
    • Building permit must be obtained.
    • Installation must be in accordance with all county ordinances.
    • No decks are to be erected around pool.
    • Ench case to be reviewed by ARB Committee.
  • Hurricane Shutters:
    • To include, but not limited to: plywood, corrugated metal panels, or other material used for protection from hurricane damage.
    • May be installed/put up no sooner than 48 hours prior to ‘Hurricane Warning” and uninstalled/removed/taken down within 72 hours alter hurricane passes, according to local weather reports.
    • Hurricane panel shutter Channels (framework) may be installed permanently with prior ARB approval. The panels themselves can only be put up during the storm period. ( 48 hours prior, 72 hours after).
    • The shutter Channels (framework) must match the existing trim color of the property. (Trim includes, but is not limited to, window frames, drip edges, cornices, etc.)
    • Only Permanently installed hurricane shutters can be used for security measures and left in the closed position with prior Board approval, Only if:
      • The property is to be vacant for more than 30 days and the homeowner/resident is temporarily residing at a location that is further than a five (5) hour drive away.
      • The permanently installed shutters are return to the “open” position upon the homeowner/resident’s return.
  • Driveway(s):
    • May be painted or stained with prior ARB approval, using only the following approved colors:
      • Behr Premium Plus: Porch & Floor (Pearl C60-30)
      • Behr 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garnse Floor Paint (Trowel C70-36)
      • Behr Plus 10 Concrete Stain (Pacific Fog 815)
      • H&C Silicone Acrylic Concrete Sealer(Gull Gray)

Adhering to our ARB Guidelines is important to keep our neighborhood looking beautiful.

Please click here to download our 2020 ARB Application
Once completed please submit them to
Phoenix Management
6131B Lake Worth Rd
Greenacres, FL 33463